Warsaw, Poland


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This are the best vegan-burgers i've ever eaten!!!
Huuuge, filled with lots of vegetables and tasty sauces (my favs are mayonnaise and spicey tomato).
Every time i go there, the staff is super-friendly and very helpfull with explaining components of funny-named burgers (their names allways end up with "ex") - i recommend JAGLANEX made of millet groats.
It's a busy place from dawn to dusk - no matter what time You come - there will be always some people queuing for the burger and chatting (as i'm a guest in Warsaw it's nice to meet some interesting locals:))
And it's cheap!!
Perfect place to fill Your stomach, meet people and feel the vibe of alternative Warsaw :)
Jules would say: "THIS IS A TASTY VEGAN BURGER!"

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