Le Commensal

Toronto, Ontario


Like everyone else has said, this place is heaven for veggie lovers, but hell for cheap eats. ONLY come here if you're not starving, you will eat your entire wallet as dessert. Well worth the visit, but eat in very tiny portions, as everything in the buffet looks fantastic. DO NOT SHOP at their store, the prices are way jacked up. walk a few blocks west to Baldwin and McCaul and shop at Baldwin Naturals, much cheaper prices for the exact same items.

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Though the food is amazing, this place is way too pricey for me. I tend to eat a lot, so the pay-by-weight thing is really a killer, especially if you're getting stew type dishes.
I will have to admit that though the desserts don't have *too* many vegan options, the tapioca pudding is great!

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I agree with the previous reviewers -- the food and selection are great, but the prices are ridiculous!
Everyone needs to try the amazing soy cheesecake at least once in his/her life, though.

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Le Commensal is great for a quick meal, since you pay before you sit down. It is pricey if your eyes are bigger than your stomach, with the whole pay by weight thing, and I invariably end up with a $15 plate. But, the buffet style works really well, as this way you can try a little (or a lot!) of everything you please, and there is decent variety to choose from. The garlic spaghetti is very tasty, as is the ginger tofu.

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Le Commensal is a great option for a quick vegan meal, as long as you don't mind paying extra. I was attending a conference at 89 Chestnut, and this place was extremely close by, and made for a nice quick lunch option.

I tried quite a number of dishes, and everything ranged from good to excellent. I particularly liked the vegan leek quiche and the seitan bourguignon. I wish they had more vegan desserts, though the "soya cake" (tofu cheesecake) and carrot cake were both good.

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I can't really afford eating a full meal at Le Commensal but it's good to come here when you are in a hurry, not sure what to eat, or with a large group of people (especially if they arrive and leave at different times).
The fact that you get to serve yourself means that you can taste a little bit of every vegan dish they have. But recently they only had a couple of vegan desserts in the pay-by-weight section and even these are not very good. But they just added Soy Delicious ice creams, including fancy little ones which are ultra delicious! If you want an ice cream, you have to order them separately or you can grab the one you want out of the cooler that's by the door.

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The food is good with a decent amount of vegan choices but it's VERY expensive for what you get.

You pile what you want on your plate and you pay by weight, so be careful of heavy items like carrot sticks!

My favourites are any of the grain salads, their thai & chinese seitan and their vegan quiche.

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This place is cool, but SOOOO expensive! The desserts are good too!

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I like the self serve style of Le Commensal. Serving myself means that I can make a meal of small samples of food.

A larger selection of vegan entrees would be nice.

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