Suma Veggie Cafe

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas


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Delicious vegan Chinese food. My husband and I came here for our date night. After reading the review about Suma Veggie Cafe we watched for the vegan bumper sticker on the back of the delivery car.

The female owner is so kind and her husband is also very friendly. I really enjoyed chatting with them while we ate. They pride themselves on their vegan food and spoke passionately about their efforts to veganize all their sauces. The owner said for years she had a regular Chinese restaurant but they switched to vegan.

We loved the steamed broccoli, ma-po tofu and vegetable curry. My husband works close to Suma Veggie Cafe. He said the lunch buffet is a great deal.

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My husband and I have eaten here twice. We thought the elderly owners were very nice. They have a vegan bumper sticker on their delivery car. The foods that are vegan are clearly marked on the menu. I am allergic to eggs, milk, soy, wheat and peanuts.

My husband ordered the eggless eggrolls, soy fish in with garlic sauce, sesame orange soy chicken with steamed broccoli, and ma-po tofu. I ordered the vegetable curry marsala, mixed vegetable stir fry, and steamed bok choy in garlic sauce. My husband liked my soy-free vegetable dishes more than the ones he ordered. His were mainly deep fried mock soy meat. Of the foods he ordered he enjoyed the ma-po tofu the most.

We have both had the opportunity to eat at Suma Veggie Cafe and Veggie Garden and we prefer the atmosphere and the wait staff at Suma Veggie Garden more. Also Suma Veggie is less expensive. They have a lunch buffet that is almost the same as Veggie Garden's. Both are heavy in soy but worth the price if you can have soy and wheat.

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This place is a great vegetarian staple in the DFW area. I and a group of friends make a regular trek out from Fort Worth to eat at the buffet here. The food is just straight up good and great for stuffing your face. It is always packed and there is a reason. The owner guy can seem kind of rude at first but after a few visits you get over it. It doesn't really affect the service. It's not the cleanest place, but it's cheap and consistently good. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it is a little grungy.

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Review: Anytime before today I would have given this restaurant 5 stars without thinking twice. I have touted them for five years and have supported them when attacked by other vegans that I know.

Their literature and their menus clearly state that they have no animal products and no dairy. Yet today while asking the owner to make sure there was no soy milk in the vegetable curry, overhearing another customer talking of a potential soy allergy, the owner informed me that the curry contains cow's milk and always has.

They have told people for years that this restaurant is vegan and has no animal products and no dairy. They still have menus and literature that says so. The curry is not marked as containing dairy.

Please do not patronize this establishment until you call and ask if they have removed either their signs and literature stating "No Animal Products and No Dairy" or they remove these products from their food. Thank you

Please contact me for further details at Prior to today I have averaged no less than once a week visit for the past 5-6 years. Many weeks I would eat there 3 times.

I do not appreciate being lied to. I will post back when this issue is resolved. Until then, please let other vegans know about this, and anyone that may have dairy allergies. They also have a long history of giving out literature saying the food is great for people with allergies.

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I went to this restaurant this afternoon with my girlfriend to try their lunch buffet. The buffet is supposed to last until 3, and we arrived at 2:30. As soon as we walked in my girlfriend felt uncomfortable,and I should have known well enough to trust her instincts. The service was absolutely appalling. Almost all of the sections of the "buffet" were empty, and the few that had any food were cold. The dessert section was completely empty, and there were only two egg rolls. When the waitress finally came by to ask us how things were, we asked when the dishes were going to be refilled. She replied that the buffet was closed and that if we wanted more to eat, then we should have come earlier.

We told both the waitress and the manager that we had arrived well within the advertised times for the buffet and that there was not enough food. The waitress simply ignored us, and the manager actually had the nerve to scold us about not wasting food on a small number of customers.

I would strongly advise anyone to stay away from this restaurant. The service is terrible, the food is no better than left-overs, and the staff is insulting.

As a long time vegetarian, I would recommend someone looking for a veggie-friendly meal to go to Souper Salad, or even CiCi's Pizza, but stay far away from "Suma Veggie Cafe".

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