OB People's Food Co-Op

San Diego County, California


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Produce is always of the highest quality, and their deli is THE best in town, featuring the best vegan brunch around on weekends and wednesdays. One can also get pre-made, yet deliciously fresh sandwiches (their own 'BLT's, 'Chicken' or 'Tuna' Salad, Club, etc. or offerings from local Jyoti Bihanga) to grab on the run. Live musical performances take place on friday night. As their motto says, "Everyone can shop," but if you are not a member, there is a 10% surcharge to do so. It is only 15 dollars annually to join, and it is worth it, as you will find yourself there often after your first visit.

Two other plusses are the eco-friendly efforts of the store (community programs, solar-powered operation), and the fact that when they put things on sale, there is a noticable savings to be had.

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