Fresh by Juice for Life

Toronto, Ontario


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Favorite non-indian restaurant in Toronto.
Usually drag carnivorous friends here - and they have to admit its good.
Vegan friendly (the burgers are just as good without the cheese).
Near Spadina Subway.

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Favorite restaurant in Toronto! All dishes are vegan (with the exception of a couple juices w/royal jelly) with the option of adding cheese.

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I'm from Buffalo, NY (about 1.5 hours from TO) and my family and I head up to Toronto often and every time heading to Fresh is a MUST! Unbelievably good food! We haven't had a single thing off the menu that we didn't love. Does get VERY busy and there may be a wait, but its well worth it. Fantastic.

hmm...getting hungry just thinking about Fresh. :)

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Stopped in here once or twice, usually attend the Spadina location. Can't say enough how fantastic this food is! Well worth the money, especially the Buddha Bowl and or Mega Life salad.

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Great food and fabulous juices. A great lunch spot. I wish we had one in our town.

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I usually go to the Queen W/Spadina or the Queen W & Crawford locations.

The food is good but some of the prices are a bit high for what I'm used to paying for a veggie burger, rice bowl or a salad.

But having said that the food is delicious. My favourites are the sweet potato fries with miso gravy, their mega protein salad and any of the rice bowls.

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I absolutely ADORE this place. It is, i agree, a fantastic place to take someone who has never eaten vegan food, MAKE THEM TRY THE VEGAN CHEESECAKE OR CARROT CAKE!!!
The food is delicious!

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Great food and shakes are a highlight, my favorite shake is strawberry cream pie. Good atmosphere and in toronto easy to find. Prices are kind of high and that's my only complaint.

p.s:A great place to take someone who has never eaten vegan food!

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This place has fantastic smoothies! The people working here are cool and most of the food is vegan. But the place can get quite busy in the evening which can be a bit annoying because the tables are very close to each other.

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