Vegan Pizza

Orange County, California


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On a recent visit to SoCal that featured a multi day stay at Disney Land, this place was a life saver. The pizzas are amazing, the Hawaiian is one of the best pizzas I have had anywhere. The BBQ Chikun and Cheese Steak pizzas cant be missed either. On the less than great side were the chili cheese fries, they were not good.

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I loved this place. I visited Anaheim for 10 days, and this place was my primary source of food... Friendly staff, amazing food, and great prices.

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We tried the Hawaiian and the Meat Lovers pizzas. Both were excellent but the Hawaiian was particularly tasty. They add jalapenos to it which kicks things up a notch. I didn't think I would like it with jalapenos but I really loved it. We got our pies to go and ate them in a nearby park because we had our dogs with us and our son wanted to play.

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