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A pho-obsessed friend in San Francisco believes that Tofoo Com Chay has the best vegan pho on the planet so we made a mini trip down here for lunch. We both had the vegan pho soup and it was fantastic. She loves it because it comes with so much fake meat (vegan shrimp and a few unidentified vegan meats), but I love pho because of the rich broth and noodles so this wasn't really anything different for me.

We also had the veggie drumsticks which she LOVES but I thought they were so-so. They came room temperature so perhaps they would have been better if they were hotter. We also got some sort of bean curd that looked like strips of tofu skin strips which were so-so. The veggie dumplings, on the other hand, were fantastic and only 3 for $1 so I wish I had gotten more!

I liked that they had outdoor seating, although next time, I'll chose a table right next to the restaurant, versus right on the street, as cars kept coming up and parking to get their take-out and the exhaust was a little overwhelming.

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I tend to prefer Good Karma, a similar restaurant just down the street. However, Tofoo Com Chay has the best veggie drumsticks of the two (at only $3 for 4 drumsticks!), so after dinner at Good Karma, I often head over to Tofoo Com Chay to pick up some drumsticks for later. Their curried tofu is also very good.

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