Midori's Floating World Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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A cute little Japanese restaurant with pleasant waitstaff. In my opinion, this place is overrated. The unique vegan items were good, such as the special veggie sushis. However, the usual Japanese dishes that can be found at most other restaurants were good but not outstanding and were much more expensive than at other places. Overall, a fun place to try but not really worth the wait to be seated and the extra cost for standard items.

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this place was given five out of five stars by both my boyfriend and myself and is pretty much the first place my boyfriend had vegan sushi that he really liked.
i had the vegan sushi lunch and he had the vegetable tempura lunch. my sushi was artfully presented and his tempura was very tasty and also presented very well. we also got two courses (a shitake soup and a japanese salad) beforehand and we really appreciated that. the service took a while but we were in no hurry.
we finished off our lunch with some daifuku, which was also very good, though kind of spendy. this place is great for a really nice lunch or dinner. we were glad to have finally experienced this place. it's honestly some of the best sushi i've personally ever had.

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Outstanding vegetable tempura, which comes with soup (ok) and salad (wonderful). On an earlier visit I had a vegetarian bento box, most of which I liked (especially the seaweed), although the raw tofu did not appeal to me. Nice selection of tea (which I don't often have, but enjoyed on a recent cold day). Also, try the China Cola, which I had earlier in the year.

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Midori's gets a good rating from me mostly because they have vegan tempura. I'm not a huge fan of the kind of Japanese food mostly available in the US, but I do love tempura. Unfortunately, most places make it with eggs. The tempura at Midori's is quite good, and egg-free.

I've also tried a few kinds of sushi and liked it. Last time I was there for lunch I got a rice ball, which was great, and reminded me of trips I've taken to Japan.

Like pretty much all Japanese food in the US, it's ridiculously over-priced. I've never understood this, but somehow that seems to be what the market is. For that reason, I'm less inclined to go here too often, even though they do have food I enjoy.

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Atmosphere: 4.5
The new location is especially nice. It's roomier, and there are plenty of windows to let in natural light. The decor and lighting (when the sun isn't out) give this place a bit of class. Very clean.

Service: 3.5
Each time I've gone, the service has been good. Not stellar, but friendly and attentive.

Food: 4.5
Midori's offers a number of vegan dishes, just make sure you ask for the vegan meal especially. The appetizers are by far my favorite part of the menu (the spicy asparagus is delicious). Unfortunately, this does make dining here rather pricey. The sushi and tempura were very fresh and tasty (bonus points for the tempura, since many Japanese restaurants I've been to use eggs in the batter).

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Update: While I appreciate Midori's vegan menu, I think the choices on it are quite limited. How often can you get tempura or noodle bowl soup? The only other options are cold Japanese salads, but those don't quite hit the spot for me. Their dinner specials are not usually vegan or veganizable.

Worst of all, their usually-reliable noodle bowl soup (udon or soba with mushroom broth) has declined precipitously in quality. The broth has no flavor and looks like water; their soba noodles are grey (instead of that beautiful purple hue), slimy and similarly flat, like the limp broth.

In comparison, Tanpopo Noodle Shop in St. Paul offers a larger, heartier soba bowl, with super-fresh ingredients, bursting flavors and thick, rich broth. Tanpopo also has limited vegan options, but at least they do those options well.

The atmosphere at Midori's is nice and I like their new location. This is an elegant place, to be sure, and I would take it over pretty much any other Japanese place in the Twin Cities (with the exception of Tanpopo), but it could really stand to revamp its vegan offerings and up the quality simultaneously.

July 17, 2008 review: I love that Midori's has a separate, all-vegan menu (you have to specifically request this menu, of which they have only two copies). I went to Midori's twice, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke that the food was so good. Midori's, along with Tanpopo in St. Paul, are the two best Japanese restaurants in the Twin Cities.

Their edamame is fresh and they also have authentic Japanese plum wines (tastes like almonds!) and beers. I normally don't like vegetable tempura, but their tempura batter is special---it's light, crispy and subtle, allowing the flavor of the vegetables to stand out (Midori's uses interesting vegetables such as pumpkin, squash and bell peppers). They also have a wonderful curry dish (available Wednesdays only) that is savory and filling, with artful presentation of long asparagus stalks, carrots and other vegetables. Finally, their kitsune soba soup bowl was not the best I've ever had, but it was certainly serviceable (Tanpopo wins on noodle bowls).

My only complaint is about their service. Both times we went, our waitress was not attentive, and it took forever to order and even longer for the food. Also, the first time we went, all of our dishes came out at the same time, so we had to quickly eat the appetizers and main courses all at once, while they were still hot. Other than the faulty service, the food is excellent and prices are reasonable. This is a great place.

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Midori's is great! The food is very nicely presented and the atmosphere is nice and comfortable. They were happy to bring out the vegan menu (which is extensive) and overall the staff is friendly and helpful. I'm not well-versed in Japanese cuisine, but the food was excellent. The portions are fairly large and most everything is well-priced. However, the service was very slow. As long as you aren't in a hurry, I strongly recommend this place. Dinner shouldn't be rushed, anyway.

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They offer a vegetarian sushi & tempura (which is, or at least can be made, vegan) bento dinner. How cool is that? Very cool. That's how cool it is.
Just don't try to go on a weekend. They're way too busy. Go on a Tuesday. Maybe you'll get the cute waitress.

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Midori’s Floating World Café is a little known Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis with a large menu and plenty of vegan options. Japanese food isn’t all fish and rice - they offer everything from vegan tempura, to big bowls of soba noodles. The waiters are attentive and are very accommodating if you tell them you are vegan. The restaurant is small and cozy – but I went with a group of eight people and they were able to accommodate us.
Midori’s is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday, dinner on Sunday, and is closed Mondays. They close at 2pm after lunch and reopen at 5pm for dinner. Also, they just changed locations, but only a few hundred feet from the old location.
Though Japanese cuisine is known for the use of fish in just about everything, Midori does a wonderful job of preparing great, vegan meals. A big bowl of steamy edamame, sprinkled with course salt is my favorite thing to start a Japanese meal with, even with the large selection of hot and cold appetizers on the menu. To drink, I had one of their beautiful “art teas”. Whole flowers bloom in the bottom of large, clear mugs to create a flavorful and appealing drink. For a main course, I ordered the vegetarian sushi dinner, which includes: ten pieces of rolled sushi, six pieces of nigiri sushi, salad, and a shiitake broth soup.
Though everything I tried was delicious, if you just can’t decide, I would recommend trying one of their bento boxes. You can get them with vegan tempura and sushi, and they all come with soup, Japanese pickles, salad and a few other things.
Other than the sushi and bento boxes there is udon and soba noodles, donburi, onigiri, soups, salads, and, if you have room, deserts.
I highly recommend Midori’s Floating World Café. It’s a great place to experience a wonderful Japanese meal.

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My wife and I wen here for Valentines Day , it was our second visit, and like the previous time it was wonderful and tasty. The new digs make it fell much more open. The tempura rolls and kaiso salads are must have's.

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the sushi at midori's is honestly the best ive ever had in the twin cities, and possibly the best i've had outside of japan. i know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it was just marvelous. i was also so pleased to see mugicha (roasted barley tea) on the menu, as well as onigiri (rice balls). the onigiri are cheap, too. they also have mochi ice cream, for those of you not vegan; i used to love that stuff! anyway, excellent menu and variety of foods. we got so full because we just wanted to eat everything! lastly, if you tell your server you are vegan, they are very accommodating. we ordered the chef's selection of veg sushi, and we didnt get anything with egg since we said we are vegan. very nice servers.

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Tempura and sushi! Yum!

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We have never been disappointed at Midori's. The best value is over lunch when most entrees are $7-10 which include salad, soup, and entree. The Bento box is a really good introduction to Japanese. They have some of the most extensive tea selection of any restaurant. Also it's kid friendly - they will bring out a cup of rice to kids while waiting for the food. They really understand vegan and are happy to explain or adjust ingredients.

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My son and I had eaten here a few times before, but we've become regulars since finding Midori's all-vegan menu (available upon request). Rather than searching through the main menu and asking follow up questions, it's all available on two pages, with lunch and dinner specials. I was delighted to discover the vegan tempura vegetables, which can be ordered as an entree, or with soba or udon noodles. Presentation and service are always top notch as well.

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I've only been there once, but what I got was really good... the udon kitsune soup. Its so nice to be able to order soups with vegetarian broth. Other items on the menu looked very temping, I can't wait to try them!

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