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We tried coming here 4 times before we were actually able to! The car parking situation is a nightmare! (My dining companion was handicapped, thus, we could not travel on foot very far like most of the locals.)

However, it was worth the wait.

The food is made fresh and directly in front of you. They use clean cookware for every order. I got a vegetable enchilada and then asked for a tad of soyrizo. -Their idea of 'tad' is certainly different than mine! All of their portions are extremely generous; I could not finish everything. I wished that I could, though, because it was all delicious. Good beans and enchilada sauce. Nice rice (and I do not like rice). Very good salsa and carrots.

As I recall, they will give you a free bowl of tortilla crisps with your order if you ask for it, but I could be mistaken.

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Great, cheap, and very, very filling. As far as I could see only one of the veggie burritos <i> wasn't </i> vegan. don't remember the name of it, but the burrito with mango salsa was excellent - not at all greasy, and really fresh.

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