Organic Grown Direct

Miami, Florida


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I believe this company is a scam. This person also rated a company that doesn't exist (scam!) be careful!! Your payment will go through but that's all!

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organic grown direct seems to be exactly what they do. I ordered the veggie box and was truly amazed. Everything seems fresh picked and totally organic. The kale and cucumbers were so fresh I could not imagine any farm more in tuned with precisely what I want.

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Organic Grown Direct is a great service that delivers guaranteed fresh and organic produce. I've been having organic fruits and vegetables delivered to my address to make fresh purees and meals for my customers for almost a year. I've never received anything spoiled or bruised. Definitely top quality and service.

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Organic Food Delivered To My Home:

Organic food delivery to Pompano Beach with fresh produce directly from the farm. I get 17 items and all are organic: Lettuce, kale, chard, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, apples, lemons and much more...ALL ORGANIC! Everything I need for juicing, stir frys, and salads.

They leave everything in my cooler for me so when I get home I am ready to enjoy the food without shopping. I love this service! It's a real pleasure to enjoy the bounty of organic produce without shopping for this much in more than one store. Plus, everything arrives so fresh it's way better than the stores for sure!

It's the best organic CSA in south Florida.

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Organic Grown Direct Review:

I tried Annies and didn't like the organic produce delivery at all. So I went searching for another company. I was working out at LA Fitness and I met a guy named Mark. He told me about Organic Grown Direct and so I tried their service. It sounded good to me because I don't like to go shopping when I get home from work. I want to chill after a hard day! It's just me and my dog and so I just want to walk the dog and make a big salad and then relax. This company is the best. They bring everything fresh and leave it in my cooler. When I get home I juice some fruits and make my salad. Ah, I'm in heaven. I'm glad to give a GREAT Organic Grown Direct Review!

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