Lakewinds Natural Foods

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Lakewinds has transformed a lot since I last went there years ago, and unfortunately it's much less vegan-friendly now. There were no vegan items in the bakery, neither in the cake case nor in the muffin/scone/cookie case which is on the far-side of the deli island. They used to have delicious blueberry gingerbread which was vegan, and several other items. The deli case, with pre-prepared foods, was dominated by meat, and I couldn't even stand there to look at the different things because I don't like looking at pieces of dead animals. Another change I noticed in the deli was a vast installation of snooty cheeses which wasn't there before.

They used to have Oats Cream (yummy vegan soft serve) available at the deli. They don't have it anymore.

Aside from the sheer shortage of treats, the produce was not looking too good. I wanted to get a big bag of string beans & all their beans were wilted, and I ended up at Byerlys to get them.

I guess one positive thing I can say is that they have soy creamer out in a dispenser to put in your coffee if you buy a cup of coffee there. Most other places--like Whole Foods--only provide soymilk for customers buying a cup of tea or coffee. Which is annoying, because they sell soy creamer there, and soymilk does NOT make coffee tasty.

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