Lai Thai Kitchen

Grand Rapids, Michigan


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I've lowered my rating of Lai Thai and am no longer as high on them as I once was. Let me first say that it's great that they are still able and willing to veganize almost every menu item by omitting fish sauce. However,

The consistency and quality of the food has noticeably dipped. From visit-to-visit a curry might vary from so watered down and lacking in flavor to be nearly inedible to the next visit being so thick it can be eaten with a fork. We now have to guess and hope to receive the quality we had become used to in the past and have been disappointed many times.

Secondly, the service has become so spotty that it has negatively impacted our dining experience every single time we have dined in during the past year. They always seem to be running short-staffed and the veteran staff who knew the menu inside out never seem to be around.

That said, they are still the best Thai/Vietnamese option for vegans in the city and the prices are still very reasonable.


Everything about Lai Thai is top notch.

First, the service is incredible. They are extremely helpful, accomodating and always cheerful. All the staff who work at Lai Thai know the menu inside out and it is a large menu on which nearly every item can be veganized.

Let me repeat that: Nearly every menu item can be made vegan upon request! And I'm not just talking about simply subbing tofu like most other similar restaurants. I'm talking vegan fish sauce, faux meat, fried tofu, etc.

All of the Thai curries are phenomenal. In fact, everything I've ever ordered here has been just really really good.

Lastly, the prices are incredibly reasonable.

Vegans in Grand Rapids are very lucky to have a place like this.

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