Ping's Szechuan Bar & Grill

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I'm surprised that Ping's has gone this long without being added to VegGuide. I believe it's been in the same location since the 80's. The restaurant is in such close proximity to Evergreen that I never gave it a shot until recently when I was working just down the street and heard that you could get take-out quickly.

Sure enough, I've ordered food to go about a dozen times and I've never waited more than 10 minutes. Eating in is an interesting experience as the decor is stuck in the 80's. Everything is very... pink. Otherwise, the table service and service at the bar is friendly.

So far every dish I've ordered from the vegetarian section has been vegan and pretty good. The sauces are rather sugary and Americanized (sometimes that's what I'm looking for), but the texture of the tofu and eggplant dishes is consistently perfect. Like most Chinese places, I wish they would add more vegetables to their tofu dishes.

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