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The Mall of America doesn't have an abundance of vegan options outside of the food court, so Crave is the best place I've found to sit down and have a vegan meal with table service.

There aren't many options for vegans, but the waitstaff is very accommodating and has obviously been trained to respond politely and thoroughly to vegan customers. I had their whole grain veggie burger for lunch. It was very good and didn't suffer from the consistency issues that some egg-free patties suffer from. It was served with picked cucumbers and carrots and a side of fries. I didn't get a complete list of their vegan offerings, but I know they also have cucumber/avocado sushi and a Mediterranean plate that are both vegan. Most of their salads can be made vegan as well.

The best part was how great they were with my daughter. They brought her a plate of fruit right away, and her meal (avocado sushi) was free! I think this only applies on Tuesday afternoons, but it was pretty great. I had a beer, but if I had been in a wine mood, there was an outstanding selection.

I'd give it a higher rating if they labeled vegan items on the menu and offered one or two more vegan entrees.

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