Big Boy

Midland, Michigan


rating star

The food is alright, depending on who it is that is cooking, and what day of the week it is. I normaly get the veggie burger, it is pretty good just dont get it done steak house style, the BBQ sauce tastes nasty with the veggie burger, even if the onion rings taste good on it. The salad bar has a lot of things for vegetarians and vegans alike, the soup the only two that are safe for vegetarians are the potato and the tomato bisque. Breakfast is good most of the time, just do not go and have the hashbrowns when the breakfast buffet is up, they are nasty because they just cook up a bunch and have it sitting there the whole time its not fresh. Over all its ok, they have some good things and the pie is good as well, go on tuesday have a veggie burger and a free pice of pie!

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