Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill

Midland, Michigan


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The veggie burger is pretty standard (I believe it's Morning Star Farms Chipotle black bean burger), but you know exactly what you're getting. Great with mustard and your favorite BBQ sauce. Anything fried is NOT vegetarian friendly (i.e., fries, tortilla chips, etc)-- they fry in beef tallow. You can get a small salad as your side, though.

rating star

The food is very good there, there are a few different vegetarian options from the veggie burger to the veggie buffalitos (They are not on the menu you have to ask for them) The cheese sticks, garlic mushrooms, the cheese qusadilla and the soft pretzills are also good. For vegan, the onion rings, the buffalo chips, the chips and salsa, the veggie boat. The buffalitos with out the cheese and sour cream. The salads with out the meat, the cheese and some dressings. I love going to this place, it is always fun. One note about the veggie burger, they over cook them more often then they cook them right. So if you do get one, be ready for hard as rocks outter and soft inner burger.

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