Anandamide Psychedelicatessen

Los Angeles, California


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If you love dark chocolate, I've found your heaven.

Like the chocolates they serve, the establishment is small, but concentrated. Opened just this year, everything is beautifully presented, inviting, and "nice and new". The cashier was cute, enthusiastically helpful, and made us feel like we were going on a chocolate adventure with a new friend. My new cashier friend guided my college friend of fifteen years and I through eight different offerings and liked them all and what I wasn't in love with, she was in love with, and vice versa. However, neither of us cared much for the "white" chocolate which was neither white nor chocolate nor reminiscent of my childhood white chocolate.

It's not on the menu of the website, but the Chocolate Shot is a warm shot glass of melted chocolate that you eat with a spoon and is sweetened with tropical fruit (banana, mango, and guava) as opposed to processed refined sugar. IT IS THE MOST INTENSE CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE YOU WILL EVER HAVE. We both wished that they served it with some vegan ice cream like a hot fudge sundae. My friend described it as "Death by Chocolate". In my opinion, in comparison to other "Deaths by Chocolate"s, this Chocolate Shot shoots you in the face making all others seem like drowning in chocolate.

Other choices of note were the Super Greens Energy Cake and the Nut Butter Fudge Brownie. For my vegan friends, be aware that the Super Greens Energy Cake is made with honey. It's a new experience of green superfoods, soft granola bar, and topped with intense chocolate. Following the recommendation of a customer that came in after us, we tried the Nut Butter Fudge Brownie. She comes in everyday to get her daily fix and her to methods of ingestion are the Nut Butter Fudge Brownie because it reminds her of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or the S'mores Bar (which we would've tried too if we hadn't been on chocolate overdose mode already).

If chocolate is your drug of choice, try out Anandamide Psychedelicatessen.

Veg out,

Veggie Army

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