The Weather Center Cafe

Sheboygan, Wisconsin


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The vegan options basically included a black bean burger and a hummus sandwich. Both were OK. I was hoping for some better options but was glad they had at least those two.

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I grew up as an weird kid being welcomed and encouraged to find community at The Weather Center cafe. I was first introduced to hummus, real coffee, and poetry nights when Sheboygan had no other coffeehouses. As an adult having lived in Minneapolis and now in San Francisco, I still crave Weather Center blend coffee and monkey chunk cookies. If you're driving near Sheboygan, stop in for a coffee and you might find yourself there for a few hours, listening to the Weather Channel above, lost in the self-taught art exhibits on the walls or paging through an animal encyclopedia. In summer you can sit or walk through the Harborcentre overlooking the Sheboygan River and Lake Michigan, or watch the snow falling in winter. If you're lucky, you'll get to chat with Teek the surfing owner, his mother the favorite substitute teacher for many Sheboyganites, or with one of the budding cartoonists, poets, and vegan chefs waiting to be discovered who will wait on your table.

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I have lived in Sheboygan for most of my life. Having a traditional coffee house in our community is wonderful. The unique thing of this establishment is their devotion to quality. They concentrate on their food and especially their coffee. You will not find the "assembly line" service you may receive at "franchise" coffee places. At Weather Center, you will be treated well and receive some of the freshest sandwiches this community has to offer. Congratulations to Teek and Trish for the wonderful job they have been doing, and continued success.

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This place is the best - in the land of buttered buns and beer, cheese and brats galore - there is a hidden treasure... weather center cafe. You do not have to be vegan to enjoy this amazing little "hole in the wall". (I mean this only in the nicest possible way). You can sit inside or on on the deck over looking Lake Michigan and feast on wonderful salads, muffins, quiche and my personal favorite their soups! The most amazing butternut squash soup I've ever tasted... and I've tried to duplicate with little success.

SO the next time your travels take you to Sheboygan, Wisconsin - this is a MUST DO - along with the Kohler Design Center.

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