Le Verdure at Eataly

Manhattan, New York City


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I'm vegan and on a recent trip to Chicago, my husband (also vegan) and I decided to check out Eataly, since it was just across the street from our hotel.

We ate at Verdure and I can honestly say the best thing there may have been the olive oil we were served with some bread upon being seated. It was imported from Liguira and just excellent. We later found the bottle on the floor and took a picture so that we could search for the same product in LA, where we live.

Next, we had a soup that we were told would be minestrone like but was not--it was more of a broth without any tomatoes and was just so-so. Then came the Insalata Tricolore-- a pretty good salad. After that we were served Verdure Misto (grilled vegetables with some farro-- the veggies were pretty good but the farro was boring) and Fritto Misto (battered deep fried veggies). The batter was nicely flavored, a bit peppery and I thought maybe there was onion powder in there too. This was delicious.

Outside of Verdure, but still within Eataly, we also picked up an enormous slice of red onion and thyme foccacia that the baker assured us was vegan to take to the hotel. It made for a very tasty midnight snack later that night. Oh, and we found some good (though pricy) vegan dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts-- something I haven't had since going vegan!

Verdure wasn't bad, but given the standard that Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles has set, we were expecting something really special, and I wouldn't say that this was it.I would, however, go back for the olive oil, foccacia, and chocolate, none of which were served at Verdure, but simply available for purchase.

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