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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Palumbo's is a pizzeria which I'm happy to see promotes healthy, local ingredients. As a person with a number of food allergies, I appreciate having healthy options on my pizza. And I am willing to pay extra for quality ingredients. While I appreciate that not everyone will prioritize quality over price, it's nice to have the option. There are a limited number of places I can eat without getting sick. And Palumbo's is one of them. Thanks for offering quality ingredients. And thanks for offering a high quality and local cheese option - Punk Rawk Labs. As well as a gluten free pizza option! Not everyone gets it, but the people who do REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

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I was excited when I came across Palumbo's website, only to be disappointed when I got there. They dId not have Daiya cheese, as advertised, and had no intention of getting it again. They apparently were in no rush to remove the false claim from their website.

Palumbo's does offer a variety of vegetable ingredients to add to any pizza at extra cost, so I decided to give the restaurant one more chance. I called and spoke to the owner, John Palumbo. He said he didn't sell enough Daiya to make it worthwhile, but he found another dairy substitute that he, a non-vegetarian, thought would be even better than Daiya.

My son and I went back to try it. The name Is "Punk Rawk" nut milk cheese. I don't know how to describe it, because I didn't taste very much of it. They served it in a couple of very tiny clumps (dime-size) on their already small 9" pizzas, and charged $5 extra per pie even though we substituted for cheese. We were hungry when we left, after spending over $40 on our two minimalist pizzas. We went to Pizza Luce for a vegan pizza we enjoyed.

I will never return to Palumbo's.

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