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Toronto, Ontario

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Natural foods wholesaler


The Ontario Natural Food Co-op (ONFC) is an co-operative federation of retail food co-operatives, food buying clubs, and non-collectively structured retailers. The ONFC serves as a member-owned and directed wholesaler for its members. We also sell to non-member natural food stores, daycares, and non-profit organizations.

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We order from the ONFC through a Buying Club.

Prices are good, much better than in stores, and the selection is varied. Many well-known brand names and a wide variety of items are available.

However, organizing a purchase definitely is a pain in the ass. You need to organize your Buying Club to order from the poorly indexed catalog and specials listings, and then put the order together into a certain format, and then when the food arrives, you have to split up the order for all the members of your buying club.

Sometimes parts of the order will not show up and there's no exceptions list, so you have to figure out what's missing. They don't charge you for it, but when you have a number of people in the Buying Club, it's a pain.

If you need to return something, be a hassle to obtain credit and get the product back to the delivery point for pickup during your next delivery. Our Buying Club only orders once every few months, so sometimes we hold onto items for 2-3 months before being able to return them.

In spite of this, an ONFC Buying Club is a good way to stock up on organic and biodegradeable items at a reasonable cost.

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