Flat Top Grill

Chicago, Illinois


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Joe Vegan recommends: If you like stirfry, go go go. This is one of those places you and your non-vegetarian friends can enjoy together. Probably also a great place for dates.

August 2003. While visiting from Minneapolis with friends, I ate here twice in one weekend. The staff was friendly and helpful--both servers told me about other places to go (like Handlebar and Alice&Friends)-- and the food was great. Lunch 7.95, Dinner 12.95. Go through as many times as you like...although we could only go through twice before we were very full. If you're vegan, skip the noodles except for the rice noodles. My favorite sauce combo was several ladles of the black bean garlic sauce with almost a full mini-ladle of the chili sauce. They'll even cook your food in the wok (instead of on the big flat top surface) if you ask them to so they don't get the nonvegetarian stuff mixed in with your food.

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