Rice Bowl

Bismarck, North Dakota


rating star

When I moved to North Dakota my new boss told me "I cant tell you where to get good Chinese food, but I can tell you where to get the best Chinese food in the area" and then she pointed me to the Rice Bowl.

It is true, it is not great Chinese food (too much stuff in bland corn-starch sauce to appease the ND pallet I guess), but some dishes are enjoyable and the best I have had in the area.

Two caveats though:
The hallway/staircase/elevator area often smells like a ripe baby diaper for reasons I can not explain. It is enough to make you loose your appetite and walk back out the door.
Though they advertise their delivery service on billboards around the Bis-Man area actually getting them to deliver seems like a crap shoot, especially on Saturday nights.

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