The Sentient Bean

Savannah, Georgia


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Good local food. Great coffee. Nice art and coffee house atmosphere. Good soup and good sandwich choice. Next to a great healthfood shop with raw food.

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Wonderful place - community focused. Only true vegetarian restaurant in Savannah as far as I know.

Lots of good eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Soy beverages available plus some fun smoothies.

Quality is good and staff is helpful. A staple for veggies in Savannah and in a great location just south of Forsyth Park.

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The food is NOT good. The tofu in our tofu scramblers was watery, mushy and very pale. Also there are more things to put in a scrambler then frozen spinach (was soggy and cool) and greasy onions. Like I said in other Savannah posts, the city doesn't do vegan food well... the food is what I imagine vegan food would have been like in the 60's. The coffee was alright, the soy lattes were alright (tasted burned) but the smoothies were awesome! I had the peanut butter and banana one and it rocked!

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Disappointing! We arrived around 9:15 on a Saturday night and were pleased to find a cool band, High Cotton, playing. Unfortunately, they had already put all the vegan desserts away! They offered to go get them but couldn't remember what all they had. I had a chocolate, peanut butter, rice krispie thing that was pretty good. My sister picked up a take out menu as we were leaving. We thought we'd try them again in the morning (menu said they were open every day at 7:30 AM). We arrived at 8:30 and they were closed! So much potential, Sentient Bean -- what happened??

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Nice coffee house that seems to have all sorts of events on.

I dropped in and had a smoothie, which was very good.

Unfortunately, although they are open until 10, the kitchen often closes earlier, and I never got to try the food even after two 9pm attempts.

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