Paradiso Mexican Restaurant

Bismarck, North Dakota


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I tried the mock chicken fajitas with the a side of red sauce instead of the cheese, sour cream and gaucamole (as it contains dairy). It was very good. Most of the "meat" was overcooked and dry, but i still found it to be tasty when assembled with the other ingredients. The fajita platter comes with a very nice array of vegetables and amounts to two large servings. The only downside of my experience was finding a chunk of real chicken in the Spanish rice. Though it was there by accident, i may opt for a side of refried beans in the future.

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This restaurant has a surprisingly extensive vegetarian menu and an attractive atmosphere. My only complaint is that the food is not really Mexican. The only Mexican person I saw was the one who came in with me.

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Paradiso's food is decent, and I was really excited when they added the mock meats to their menu a couple months ago. They don't have a lot of vegan options at the moment, but many menu items could be vegan if dairy products were removed.

This restaurant is very family-friendly, so you may see a lot of young children dining. It can get pretty loud in there sometimes. If you're looking for a nice quiet meal, this might not be a good choice. But they do have a pretty extensive margarita menu if that helps.

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