Tacos Del Mar

Bismarck, North Dakota


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I ate here today, and based on the reviews I had been looking forward to doing so for quite some time. My experience was not at all as described by the other reviewers. Although they have a large sign that states vegan and vegetarian options are available, upon inquiring the employee stated he did not know what the vegan/vegetarian options were, so he sent another employee to ask. This second employee returned with the unhelpful information that "everything" is vegetarian. Although we were not rude nor demanding, I felt the customer service was much less than friendly. We received not a single smile. I was also not convinced that the beans or rice were vegetarian.

Overall, the food was substandard, and several steps below Qdoba or Chipotle. The spinach tortilla tasted like a stale flour tortilla. The habanero sauce was not spicy as advertised, but mild with very little habanero flavor. The rice was slimy, and had cheese if not animal broth. The atmosphere was about as inviting as a dive bar. The staff were cold and uninviting. I would not return here again.

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They're always friendly and one of the owners happily double-checked to make sure the enchilada sauce was vegan. I agree with another review that they could put more guacamole on their Mondos considering that we're not eating their meat, cheese or sour cream.

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The place has the word Vegan on their menu, you cant ask much more than that in Bismarck.

They are great about making anything vegan, the owner is super friendly to vegans and makes sure that things get done right.

Only complaint is that staff tends to treat quac like it is mayo and just put a paper thin layer on your burrito, then charge extra when you ask for more.

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