Rare Steak and Sushi

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to order a vegan meal at this steak and sushi restaurant. The server knew exactly what I was talking about and could immediately tell me whether the dishes were vegan or able to be made vegan.

There is a vegetarian section on the sushi menu with four options. The roasted veggie roll is delicious and visually interesting. The seaweed salad was simple, but I liked it enough to eat two orders. There are a handful of other vegan appetizers and sides, but no entrees.

The food and atmosphere are very upscale, and some of the entree prices reflect this. Sushi, appetizers, and sides were reasonably priced, and there were some excellent drink specials.

All in all, a great dining experience when you're going somewhere fancy with a non-veg group. I'd give them a higher rating if there was even one vegan entree.

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