Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant

San Francisco, California


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I was exceedingly underwhelmed with this place but I think I may have just not ordered very well or been unlucky, as the food I saw on other people's plates looked way better. There were also mostly Chinese people eating there, which leads me to believe the food is more broadly accepted as "good" and "authentic" than the usual soy meat and broccoli passed off in other veg Chinese restaurants.

Since I went at lunch time, I decided to try the lunch special for $8.25, which allows one to chose 4 of about 7 items. I love variety so this dish seemed right up my alley. I went with the noodles with bean sprouts and steamed veggies to be healthy. The former was simple but good and the latter would have been good if it didn't come cold! I also tried the pan-fried dumplings (delicious!) and the taro-stuffed bean cakes, which were disappointing. The latter were basically big fried tofu triangles with a little taro paste inside. One of my "bean cakes" was missing the taro paste - the interesting part! - so it was just fried tofu. Meh.

I also ordered the fried taro and candied walnut entree for $7.50 because I love taro and this sounded really interesting. While I enjoyed the first few bites, it wasn't anything spectacular and would have made a much better appetizer shared among people, versus a single-person entree. The dish was basically fried starch with a bland sauce and came with no vegetables, noodles, or rice to make it feel more like an entree. That said, the candied walnuts were delicious.

If I were in the area again, I'd stop in and see what's special for the day but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here.

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Authentic vegan asian food that is irresistible! They had vegan steamed buns with mock meats, fried tofu appetizers, and other great fresh tofu dishes. I had to come back the next day for more... I am definitely coming back the next time I stop in San Fran.

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One of my all time favorites. Walked in at noon. 20ish tables, more than half full, mostly Asian people, didn't hear too much English. Lots of people standing by the counter filled with homemade treats to the left. Sat down at a big round table with a couple, always delightful to sit with others like friends. Served a delicious tea, and ordered fresh soy milk. Fun menu, very low priced. Had the mock goose, a creative dish, 'meat' and crispy 'skin' and all! An absolutely delightful place.

PS - Does anyone know of a cookbook for mock-meat Chinese food?

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This is a quaint, small restaurant run by a few women. The service was consistently friendly and the menu is large with a number of mockmeat and vegan Chinese dishes. They even have unusual mockmeats like mock-goose.

I loved my diced chicken curry, which was light, fresh and filling. Their mock chicken looks like tofu, but the taste and texture is actually quite close to real chicken, which might be a plus or minus point depending on your point of view. I was not so impressed with the vegetable deluxe stir fry, which was a variety of different mushrooms (including unusual white fungus), with a couple of vegetables, in a watery soy sauce. It lacked zing. On a whole, though, I think their food was excellent. Prices are extremely low (under $7-8 for most dishes), but you have to pay $0.70 for each small cup of rice, so it adds up to much more. I was disappointed that they didn't have brown rice. Still, this is a nice joint to get a simple, fresh, tasty vegan Chinese meal.

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Absolutely delicious. Try the fake chicken and the seasame rolls. This place made my day. It does not have "ambiance", but its food is incredible and the staff was friendly.

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Mog and I liked the food but didn't like the luncheon cubed style mock chicken much but the rest was okay. Not a pretty place but who cares really, yay its vegetarian. Thank you.

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The food we had was quite bland and uninteresting. I suspect we would've had better food by going to a non-veg restaurant and just getting some vegan dishes.

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The main dish I had here was incredibly cheap--less than $5. The food was very simple, healthy, and tasted ok.

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