New World Cafe

Des Moines, Iowa


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Who knew that one of the best vegan restaurants in the U.S. is in Des Moines, IA? New World Cafe is easily in my top three and makes me wish I had reason to pass through DM more frequently.

It's been a few months since I've been there, but I haven't forgotten how delicious the mac-and-cheez is. Efforts to mimic dairy-based dishes so often go wrong, but New World knocks it out of the park on the M&C. On our last visit my husband had a grilled sandwich and we shared a Nutty Banana smoothie, and both were excellent. The food is reasonably priced considering that it is all homemade.

What a refreshing change to be able to dine out and not wonder if there is dairy or egg lurking in the food, and to know that everything you order will be delicious. If you are traveling anywhere near Des Moines, swing through on I-235 and check this place out.

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Superb all-vegan restaurant with no processed foods and mostly or all (?) organic produce. Yummy and healthy. All menu items are original, tasty recipes usually based on seasonally available produce. They also make several creative juices and smoothies. What's not to like? I wanted to try everything, but was quite satisfied with the meal I chose. Will go out of my way to eat here the next time I am in the area.

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The Good: Great food and fun menu. I really love what this place is trying to accomplish. :)

The Bad: Atmosphere was a little lacking.

The Ugly: The staff doesn't seem very interested in pleasing customers. Upon ordering I felt a little like I was inconveniencing the cashier. Then, while I was eating, I noticed about 5 staff members on cell phones behind the counter :(

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