Love N Haight Deli & Cafe

San Francisco, California


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While it's great that vegan options are easily identified & there are 100's of "sides" (chips, vegan cookies, etc.) and drinks available, I was disappointed with the experience. Ok, it's a deli. But we had to wait for the server to finish a cell phone call to take our order which was then incorrect when it was served. Oh, and they were out of sourdough bread. In San Francisco?? Yes, my mock chicken sandwich was super-great, and cheap. There are so many great vegan options in SF, they might just need to try a little harder.

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I was in San Francisco for a week and went here about three times. Everything is clearly marked as to what is vegan, even the breads. I even bought a sandwich to take on the plane home with me! The people who work there are very nice, and they are open super late.

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I had a very nice mock meat barbeque sandwich. Good baguette, sauces and vegetables. Excellent prices. Discovered 'Dirty' crisps, which were very good.

The neighborhood is a little questionable, so although they are open very late, one might want to plan their visit in the earlier hours. The bargain is worth it.

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In the deep fried and wilted lettuce abyss that is late night San Francisco dining, Love N Haight is a shining beacon of vegan duck, veggie chicken stack and yummy snow fish. Open til 2am! Super yum!

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sadness abounds that they do not have vegenaise or any kind of veggie mayo. but if you have your own supply of vegenaise (or can be bothered to pick some up at the whole foods market one block lower on haight), this sandwich place is fine fine fine.

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