Blue Nile

Columbus, Ohio


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I ordered the $14 vegetarian sampler - a choice of 5 veg entrees. I was expecting something like an Indian thali, but instead received 5 narrow strips of pureed 'something' with a texture similar to baby food and colors not found in nature. None of the 'curries' were flavorful or tasty. The sambusa appetizer was tasty, but an Indian samosa is tastier because most come with a sweet dipping sauce. The owner / manager was friendly and tried to be helpful, but I really think he needs to work on his kitchen.

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Have had Ethiopian cuisine in most major North American cities, and Columbus has a real gem in this welcoming restaurant! Flavorful, well prepared (excellent injera) vegetarian/vegan options. Order the sampler plate with tomato fit-fit and experience the other world.

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Blue Nile is one of the better places to find a vegan meal in Columbus. There are a number of vegan dishes on the menu and, although the prices aren't cheap, the food is very filling and you get a lot of it.

Also, the kitchen sends out free samples of other dishes when they bring out your meal. My waiter once brought me a sample dish that looked like it could be meat. I asked him whether there was meat on my injera and he laughed at me and said "no, it's eggplant" and then explained that the kitchen makes a point of only sending vegetarian samples to guests ordering the vegetarian dishes. In addition, he informed me that the kitchen is happy to split up a party's orders onto two separate pieces of injera if there are vegetarians in the group who are concerned about cross-contamination.

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I felt the food here was very good, but the prices--like many Ethiopian restaurats--were ridiculous. A friend and I shared the vegetarian combo platter (with 5 or 6 items on it), and were charged double the price of a single platter, but not given substantially more food. I've been told by others that frequent the restaurant that you're better off getting the single platter and sharing it.

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