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Los Angeles, California


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A vegan dream. This restaurant has every element of fine dining perfected. The food was exquisite. The wait staff was extraordinary. We were greeted warmly and given attentive but not overbearing service. Our water and coffee cups were never empty. The flow was perfect with beverages, soup, entrees then dessert coming out in perfect timing. Flawless service.

The ambience is ideal for a bistro. It's the type of place where you can feel comfortable if you're dressed up or if you're in jeans. They acheive this by keeping the wall decor simple (the office-like ceiling tiles help too) but using upscale dark wood tables, candles, cloth napkins, low lighting.

To the owners of Madeleine Bisto, my only request is that you open a restaurant in Chicago so I can eat here all the time.

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Everything we had was delicious! Not one thing was a disappointment. The fried seitan dish, the lemon rosemary seitan dish, the caesar salad, the asian tacos... and whatever you order, you must make sure to get the mashed potatoes and gravy because they were amazing! The desserts were delicious, too- we had the chocolate souffle, the coconut cream pie, and the rasberry cheesecake. The cheesecake was the best of the three and the best vegan cheesecake I've had. The restaurant is spendy, but worth it for high quality delicious vegan cuisine that is hard to find anywhere else. Just a note: if you are going for the vegan "chicken" and waffles, that dish is only served at brunch.

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this was great. we got the 6 course meal deal and had a smoked tofu salad, french onion soup, a "bigger mac" (AWESOME), chicken fried tofu and mock duck tacos as out main dishes. dessert was the carrot cake twinkie. it was a very good but kind of pricey. our dinner with a glass of wine and tip (riesling was amazing! i definitely recommend!) was almost $100. it was great food though-sensible portions, not huge.

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I dined with 2 others today (for lunch) and we shared the Madeleine Club, the BBQ Tempeh, and the Cajun Caesar sandwiches. All 3 were mouth watering.
Definitely save room for dessert when you're here.

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Hands-down my favourite place in LA. My only complaint is that it's a bit pricey (so I can't go as often as I'd like, which would pretty much be every day), but it is worth every penny. I could live on the creme bruleƩ alone. Long live Madeleine Bistro!!

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Madeleine Bistro is the classiest vegan act in town -but so welcoming that you will regularly see people enjoying their brunch in fitness wear.

I recently reviewed M Cafe (in Hollywood) and described it as 'imaginative,' but vegan chicken and waffles? You cannot get more imaginative than that! -And that is just one unique dish of many at Madeleine Bistro. (Plus, that particular dish is my omnivorous' mum's favorite. Being able to more than 'pass off' their Belgian waffles and seitan 'chicken' says a lot about the restaurant's quality.)

Brunch here is truly a highlight of any week. French toast, the aforementioned dish, wheat-free pancakes, tofu scramble, fresh juices and sinful beignets make a visit an experience over a mere meal.

A personal favorite is the 'Portophilly'- a baguette loaded with juicy portobello 'bacon,' peppers, and their own, incredible farmer's 'cheese.'

The food is beyond good and presented with acute care and attention. Give yourself a treat and make a trip to Madeleine Bistro.

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We did not think we would ever again find a vegan restaurant as incredible as Millenium in SF. We were wrong. This place is absolutely divine!

So many dishes sounded so delicious that we had to sample several. The first was one that we did not have our eye on - the red beet tartar. The waiter sold us on it anyway though, and we're so glad he did! It blew us away, WOW! We also tried the chicken fried seitan with mashed potatoes and gravy (yummm), and the asian tacos (quite unique). For dessert, we couldn't decide between three items. We asked the waiter which one we should choose, and he dutifully let us know that we had to get both the flourless chocolate cake AND the cinnamon creme brulee. We weren't disappointed. Food scores a 10.....a truly remarkable dining experience.

Our waiter (I regrettably cannot recall his name) was incredibly helpful and amicable; fully deserving of his 30% tip. Service scores a 10.

Like the previous reviewer, I am docking one point solely based on location. I, however, am not saying they should open up a location in Hollywood or LA, like every other vegetarian restaurant. They have enough, for God's sake. There are many wealthy people in the Newport Beach area who like to be healthy, and Madeleine's would no doubt thrive in such a location. While I am a vegan, I recognize that the "v" word unfortunately sometimes carries a negative connotation to the unenlightened, so Madeleine's marketing of healthy, organic, gourmet would work perfectly in Orange County. PLEASE OPEN UP A LOCATION IN OC!!!

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