Chicago Diner

Chicago, Illinois


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This location is usually less crowded than the original location which is a plus. They usually are playing great music and have vintage 80s/90s VHS playing at the bar.

The best thing about Chicago Diner in my opinion is the desserts, especially the milkshakes, all of which are incredible. My two favorite flavors are the carrot cake milkshake and the chai spice milkshake.

The sandwiches can be hit or miss depending on what is ordered. For example, the reuben and the gyros are great but the monte cristo is underwhelming and the barbecue jackfruit is pretty awful and was inedible (although I don't think it is a regular menu item or maybe it has simply been taken off the menu entirely).

If you are craving vegan diner food, Chicago Diner definitely delivers but stick to the tried and true menu favorites, and definitely get a milkshake and save room for dessert.

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Driving across country can end two ways for a vegan. Stop at Chicago Diner and celebrate the joys that exist when you find a shop that gets that just because you're vegan doesn't mean you don't want to live a little or maybe just enjoy some solidly american classics. I stopped for lunch and really enjoyed the Chickun Ranch salad with buffalo sauce. They've got some crazy combinations too for the adventurous like pierogi quesadilla. This location is enviro-friendly and features some great reused woodwork. If you're staying in Chicago long enough to sober up, enjoy some cocktails. Definitely worth a visit!

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