Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Tampa Bay, Florida


rating star

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is one of my favorite restaurants in Pinellas County. They have a very casual but clean atmosphere in the restaurant and the staff is very friendly. I'm a big fan of Vietnamese cuisine and vegetarian, so it's nice to have a great place to eat right here in St. Petersburg, especially one that focuses on serving healthy food. I've tried a number of their delicious dishes and while all are good, I'm a big fan of their pho, spring rolls, and the roast "chicken". I also love their Jackfruit juice and the lotus salad. Their menu is 100% vegetarian, and many of the items available are actually vegan. They also have a buffet every week which is a great way to try new menu items, especially when they serve the hot pots (those are so tasty). Every time I've been there the service has been friendly and the food has been hot, fresh, and delicious.

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