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Finally got around to trying Blue Hen, and it was great. We went for one of the lunch specials, which was a plate of fries, followed by a bowl of vegan pho soup. The fries were really nice, though a little greasy, and are served with a sweet soy sauce to dip them in. Our waiter brought out hot sauce, hoisin sauce, and ketchup too. The pho was one of the best I've had, & was really well seasoned, though I did still add some chili sauce and loads of hoisin, 'cos I prefer it like that.

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The menu is on the small side, but there are at least three or four veg*n entrees on the menu at all times. Simply specify vegan/vegetarian and they will sub out items with fish sauce for soy-based equivalents.

Mama Luu tofu is always amazing, but so is the curry and the rice noodle salad. The spring rolls and turmeric fries are also great. Oh, and the banana bread pudding is vegan!

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