Copper Kettle

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


rating star

Good Pakistani and Indian food.
Owner of the place is a hard working gal, running a good kitchen. Wait times can be a tad long during rush spots but the wait is worth it.
Seating is fair. Be prepared to put up with mindless nonsense of Indian Zee TV while you eat.
Have a serious problem with their host. The gal there does not try to hide the fact that she doesn't want to be there. Seems like she's stuck there because of immigration sponsorship or something. Will not answer to greetings or anything. If you can ignore her you'll probably enjoy the well cooked food. If friendly service is also important to you, take your company somewhere else.
Also tried their 2nd location. Was seriously turned off by the sick waiter who coughed right onto us while taking the order and incessantly coughed all around the restaurant the entire time we were there. Almost walked out of there without eating.

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