Aster's Ethopian Restaurant

Austin, Texas


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So I met this girl...and she happened to be a vegetarian. I found this sight looking for a good place to take her out for a nice dinner and I hit the jackpot.

Neither of us had ever tried Ethiopian food, but we left swearing to return. We each ordered a vegetarian sampler platter -it has every veg dish on the menu and I am told that everything on this platter was also vegan. It was a really large platter of food and each menu item I tried seemed tastier than the last. It was freakin' delicious. The platter had a very broad assortment of spicy (hot) and mild items and the flavors went from sweet to savory with hints of salty and bitter here and there.

#12, 13, and 15 on the menu were my personal favorites. The eggplant dish (#17) was pretty good too. I only say that because I don't normally like eggplant.

We also tried a glass of Ethiopian honey wine (mead). Sweet and delicious too!

I'll be back -hopefully I'll be bringing that girl I met...

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