Groundswell Coffee

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Amazing atmosphere, fresh and tasty. Try the vegan platter. Big portion of Tempeh, quinoa, and crunchy chickpeas with greens. So good!

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Groundswell has a few vegan options: some delicious tempeh tacos, vegan chocolate sriracha cupcakes, and vegan banana bread. It's definitely worth a visit for those things alone. They have a couple of things that can be made vegan: banana bread french toast for brunch and flatbreads that have no cheese. These are both really expensive for what you get.

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Groundswell is recently expanded. They have a great vegan chocolate sriracha cupcake with coconut maple macaroon, vegan banana bread and some killer vegan tempeh tacos with lime cilantro slaw. The flatbreads are pricey for what they are (vegan = no cheese). Brunch offers a tasty, but decadent banana bread with fresh fruit and chocolate ganache. Other vegan brunch options don't really exist unless you want a garden salad. Vegetarians will find more options, including dinner specials like local beets with goat cheese.

As a coffee shop, they've got an amazing barista blend soy milk for drinks.

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