Pig Minds Brewery

Rockford, Illinois


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My appetizer, a giant Soft Pretzel with Horseradish Mustard, was delicious. It's like they knew that Soft Pretzel's are my favorite snack. The pretzel was very soft, not too salty and the mustard was spicy, but nothing I couldn't handle.

My entree was the "Reuben Kincaid". Marble Rye bread with tasty Seitan and Sour Kraut. The Vegan Cheese was applied perfectly where it seemed to compliment the flavor without ruining the sandwich. On the side I had some sort of cold Chickpea based salad that was pretty good.

On my second visit, I tried the "Nuttin But Sweat Heat" appetizer, which according to the menu is: Deep fried beer battered jalapeno boats filled with strawberry basil jelly and natural peanut butter. A very strange fusion, but it was surprisingly good!

I also tried the "Italian Stallion", which is a Spicy Seitan based "Philly Steak" sandwich. WOW! I'm pretty sure this has to be my new favorite Seitan Sandwich! It wasn't too greasy, and had a generous helping of peppers, onions and delicious seitan. On the side I tried the Chili... a little too spicy for me, but I powered through it.

With regards to the beer, I'm a fan! I plan to stop at Pig Minds any time I'm heading through Rockford.

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