Kate's Cafe

Mystic, Connecticut


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The words VEGAN and VEGETARIAN are blazoned across its signage (nice!), which risks alienating carnivore customers, but Kate says she wishes to “tell it like it is.” Though a small café open only until 4pm (kitchen closes 3:30, after which some prepared foods are available for take-out), the menu still offers much variety, especially for breakfast from 7 to 11am. The breakfast menu is more diverse than that for lunch, which is mostly salads and sandwiches and soup. I ate here once for lunch (good) and once for breakfast (even better), both times soon after the cafe’s debut in early August 2012. (As of December 2012, Saturday dinners are planned, for which reservations are required.) The grains and breads are whole grain, and whole food tempeh largely displaces junk food tofu, hurray!

Seating is cramped, six comfortably, eight squeezed, so don’t plan to engage in meaningful discourse or intimate conversation here with your meal mate. When the weather and season smile upon us, you can sit outside at two shaded tables and upon several lounge chairs, though only steps from busy street traffic. Due to its cramped seating indoors and bustling traffic outdoors, Kate’s clientele likely will be mostly take-out, for which ample parking is provided next door in the pharmacy lot. To drive here you fortunately can bypass the traffic congestion of downtown Mystic by taking Exit 90 for the Seaport and Aquarium. While I am not likely to make a special trip just to dine here and thereby add to Mystic’s traffic congestion, I do look forward to eating here the next time I am in Mystic before 3:30pm. Let’s hope local Mystic folks keep this cafe humming with business, so that the next time we out-of-towner vegheads are in Mystic we can patronize Ms Kate’s Cafe

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