Malaysia Kopitiam

District of Columbia, USA


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This was my first time having Malaysian food so I don't know how it compares to other Malaysian restaurants but one of my dishes tasted 100% Thai (tofu/veggie curry noodle soup) and one dish (pan fried rice/turnip cakes) tasted 100& like Chinese turnip cakes typical on dim sum menus. I've heard that Malaysian is a mix of various SE Asian cuisines, so perhaps this is typical, but I was expecting a more blending of cultures within a dish, versus a Thai dish, a Chinese dish, etc.

The rice/turnip cake dish was very good - spicy, soft fried rice cakes with fresh, crispy bean sprouts - and even better with hot sauce! I enjoyed the curry soup but it wasn't anything fantastic. I did really like the eggplant it came with, which was a more interesting vegetable than you typically get in soup (carrots, potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes - which were also present). It tasted like roasted Japanese eggplant and was very tasty.

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