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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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The Gopher Spot is constantly increasing their vegetarian, vegan, and organic food options. It's the only place on St. Paul campus that you can find such a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options. And they are ALWAYS open to suggestions. A friend of mine suggested that they carry Tofutti Cuties, and within a few weeks they did.

The Gopher Spot caters to an extremely broad audience, when it comes to the food options they offer. Yes, they do have some unhealthy options like chips and candy, but you will find that at nearly every convenience store or restaurant. I think it's great that they are taking steps to provide as many options as possible to vegetarians and vegans on campus.

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Gopher Stop didn't seem to have quite as many options as Gopher Express or Gopher Express West, but it still has quite a number of vegan items for a campus convenience store: pita bread and hummus, Cliff and Luna bars, veg jerky, silk soy milk (but only in tiny little plastic bottles), Amy's organic burritos, etc. Gopher Stop is smaller than the other two but, unlike the other two, it has a huge section dedicated to nasty cheap candy instead of filling, healthy food.

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