Mamoun's Falafel Restaurant

New Haven Area, Connecticut


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Mamoun's is popular only because it stays open late, not because it serves good food. Anyone who likes falafel or baba ganoush or hummus would look elsewhere (namely, One Stop Mart and Sahara Med in New Haven, or Olive Tree in Milford) for higher quality, better-tasting food.

All of the food here is mushy and watery and it's hard to distinguish between dishes, because they all blend together into an undifferentiated mass of chickpeas and eggplant.

The falafel here is laughable in taste (too dense, underspiced).

All that said, here's why Mamoun's warrants two starts instead of one: it's always open when you need it, and it's cheap (albeit cash-only, which always messes things up). Also, all the desserts are vegan (that means no butter, no eggs, no milk and no honey).

If you want good-tasting food, go elsewhere. If you are in a bind and it's late at night, Mamoun's will do the trick. Just don't expect much.

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Mamoun's is my favorite Yale-area restaurant for sure. The menu is half vegan but I haven't tried most of it because I'm stuck on the $2.95 falafel pocket, which arrives in an adorable sandwich holder. I usually order two and call it a meal. It's truly delicious and beats almost everything local on prices. Mamoun's is open really late, too. I only wish they had some vegan desserts, though the non-vegan desserts don't look that great anyway.

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great cheap falafel .. parking around here can be tricky

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I was excited when I walked into this place. It's cool-looking (nice colorful stain glass lights on the ceiling and lots of plants climbing on the window and the ceiling). And about half the menu is vegan! There are lots of options and I was eager to try a bunch. We had the pumpkin soup, the falafel sandwich, the masdook sandwich, and a Moujedrha dish. The good thing is that they were cheap! The bad thing is that they were very bland. I'd probably go back if I wanted a cheap falafel ($2.95), but I'd go somewhere else if I wanted something tasty.

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