Harmony Food Co-op

Bemidji, Minnesota


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A haven for vegans and vegetarians! Options are unlimited!

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I just arrived in Bemidji this evening and made Harmony my first stop after checking into my hotel. I'm just finishing a tempeh and sprout wrap and a cashew and jalepeno dip called "ambrosia," washed down with some awesome GT's Kombucha. Life doesn't get much better than this!

If you live in Bemidji and haven't been to this co-op yet, you really should go check it out. If you happen to be visiting, pay Harmony a visit, too. They have a suprising selection of veggie foods, both frozen and otherwise, and they have a small deli section in the back - where I picked up my wrap and Ambrosia dip, both vegan. All in all, this place is a jewel, and great to see in a smaller town like Bemidji.

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When I was attending BSU, I would shop there. They have a great selection of produce and the typical shelf and freezer items you have come to expect at your local food cooperatives. They are definitely doing a great job at this Co-op!

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Last time I was there (about a year ago) they had all sorts of yummy vegan stuff and even vegan chocolate on sale. It was a great stop on our way back to Minneapolis; it was easy to find various great vegan snacks for the trip!

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