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Great atmosphere, interesting decor/art on the walls. They offer a selection of baked goods from hard times, and they have a couple of sandwiches too. I wish they had more sandwich options, but alas...

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i've had good experiences here and some not so good experiences. the good experience was i got a cup of some really good java and the lady at the front spotted me 5 cents.

the bad experience-some guy working at the front tried to kick me out after waiting for 15 minutes for a friend and made me buy something. it was extremely rude and really, i could get coffee elsewhere. they serve hardtimes pastries-i'd just rather go to hardtimes.

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I like the atmosphere and clientele in this cafe, but lately their vegan desserts have been lacking. They usually have the same three vegan baked goods from Hard Times Cafe (an espresso muffin, a chocolate-covered shortbread cookie, and a peanut butter cookie), and I'm a bit tired of them now. They're also not very good---they tend to be too sweet or dry. I like however, that they've started accepting credit cards finally. If they could just start offering a better array of vegan desserts (maybe some vegan pies or cakes from The Wedge Co-op across the street?), I'd give them a higher rating.

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Update: I have upped my rating from an 8 to a 9 - I was in the other day and they now have an entire case of vegan options - there were about 10 different choices - muffins, bars, brownies, cookies, short breads -- all from Hard times Cafe. All excellent.

My new favorite coffee shop, Caffetto offers a larger than average array of vegan options. Most coffee shops don't carry anything vegan, but can accommodate vegans with a soy replacement for dairy in a drink, previously I thought a coffee shop was awesome for offering a vegan cookie or bar or something (though there are several that seem to offer the same exact raspberry chocolate bar from French Meadow and that gets old fast). Imagine my surprise to find that Caffetto has not one but FOUR vegan baked goods, clearly labeled and priced very reasonably, and they have two clearly labeled vegan sandwiches in their food case!

The atmosphere is also nice, laid back, comfy, and lots of colorful and moody art to look over. Even the tables are hodge podged or something to enhance the artsy theme this place has going. I like it a lot.

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