Austin, Texas


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My rating was going to be Great, but I bumped it up to Excellent due to the excellent service from the Staff. The pizza sauce and dough is Vegan, but the soy cheese is not. They do, however, carry Daiya Vegan Cheese.

We ordered a small order of "cheese" sticks and a Veggie pizza, both with Daiya cheese. Within minutes of ordering, an employee apologized as they discovered that their garlic sauce for the cheese sticks is not vegan. We opted for just Daiya cheese on the bread, with pizza sauce to dip, and it was great.

The Veggie deep dish pizza was exactly what I was craving. The dough was thick, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The veggies were standard pizza veggies, but they worked perfectly.

All in all, I liked everything about this place!

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