Krungthep Thai

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Spring rolls with mock duck: These were delicious, and were served with a peanut sauce that was very sweet and also quite spicy (about a medium level). My husband had the spring rolls without the sauce, and said they were not spicy at all.

Cream cheese wonton: Very, very sweet. I do not usually eat cheese, but I don't care for added sugar in these. There was quite a bit of sugar added. The sauce looked more interesting than the usual pink sweet & sour sauce, but tasted about the same.

Thai Fried Rice: Very delicious. Very spicy, and we requested mild. (I would call this at least a medium; it was spicier than our other dish.) In my experience it can be difficult to add spice to a rice dish and it isn't always done well. This was done well, but it was a bit greasy.

Rama Dish with mock duck: Very delicious. We received lots of broccoli and lots of mock duck. The spice level we requested was medium, and I would say that was pretty accurate. The sauce was unique, but also what I expected for pra ram long song.

Summary: spice levels vary but food is very good. Service was a little slow.

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The service was good, and there were a lot of vegan options -- they knew what vegan meant and they could make many of their items vegan. I had their pad thai, and it was ok, but a little sweet. It gave me heartburn. I'd like to go back and try some other dishes.

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I tried this place out after my friend told me what amazing spring rolls they have. I asked if I could have mine with tofu/mock duck, and was denied. I then asked if there was cilantro, which I highly dislike, in the spring rolls. The server said yes. I asked if I could at least have my roll without cilantro. Denied again. I left and went across the street to Jasmine Deli.

I'm not saying this place doesn't have potential, I just didn't have an amazing, first time experience.

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