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Ugh. I was so excited to buy something rad from this site. I placed the order about a month and a half ago, more than happy to wait the 2-3 weeks for it to be hand made for me. After 3 weeks had passed and I did not hear anything or receive anything, I emailed to ask when my item would be shipped. Someone got back to me saying that there was a site issue and they didn't see the order till now and that they would make it over the weekend. I waited for over a week and never received a shipping notification or anything so I emailed again. Didn't hear for 3 days, emailed again, and was told by the person they were sick and had shipped it a week prior but maybe it was lost in the mail. I began becoming suspicious at this point but decided it was worth it to give this person the benefit of the doubt. I waited a few more days and still received nothing. I saw the reviews on this site, and emailed again asking for my money back unless there was proof my order was shipped. The person said they would make me another one, ship it, and give me the tracking number. Days later I received a tracking number for an order being delivered across the country from me. I confronted them about that and before I received a reply, I got a package from them in the mail. The piece is ok, but won't fit anyone above 5'9" so that's a problem. I guess a lot of mistakes were made? I don't know if my persistence kept me from being ripped off or if they were just really busy. I would not shop there again though. It's unfortunate because the shop is a great idea.

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I had a similar experience to the individual below. The customer service at Vegan Erotica is nothing short of deplorable. So many problems.. one email every 4 months or something... what is even going ON at that place? V.E. needs to go back to being a local hobby because as a business it is a abysmal failure. I am pretty sure that I will never see my money or my product.

V.E. isn't going to appreciate this review, but whatever. Sometimes the truth stings a little harder than a flogger on the ass.

I hope that there are some new up-and-comers, business-wise, in this area soon.

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I ordered my goods on Sept. 26, 2008 and sent in a check. My check was cashed and apparently the goods were being made. However, it is Nov. 10, 2008 and I still have not received my goods. I have tried emailing Vegan Erotica and I don't get any reply. I am so discouraged by the lack of customer service that I will never order from them again. I just hope I get my goods by the end of the year! I wouldn't mind if she had just emailed me to let me know she was running late. However, no response at all leads me to believe I may be ripped off.

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