Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


rating star

I absolutely love this gem located just across from the capitol. The owners are super friendly, and just about everything is made from scratch. The iced tea is amazing, slightly herbal, gingery, the owner told me it was a special blend of teas...very refreshing. The herbed mayo for sandwiches is vegan, (soy based), and I love the healthy way fajita, which has a mushroom "steak" (vegan), pickled onions, soy mayo, red bell peppers, and lettuce. Its served with an undressed side salad packed with lettuces, peppers, and fruit (no iceberg here!). The mushroom steak is amazing! I don't know how they make it, but it is really good. The best part about this place is that I am able to have a great vegan meal, that I don't have to worry that the owner doesn't understand what that actually means, they really understand, yet my husband can still have a great tasting dish that does contain meat. Win-Win!

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