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WARNING: don't eat the house soy sauce. it's not vegetarian.

My fiance and I are both vegan. We told this to the waitress when we first ordered our meals.

We ordered, ate the appetizers that we could find that was vegetarian, she came out with our meals, and mentioned in passing "with vegetarian soy" we half-jokingly asked her what kind of soy sauce isn't vegetarian.... she said their house soy sauce has fish sauce in it. Isn't that lovely? it wouldn't have been so bad if the waitress would have told us that it wasn't vegetarian ahead of time. That way, we could have NOT compromised our beliefs and made ourselves sick. (I am surprised at how quickly it messed me up)

We talked to the manager, and he didn't seem apologetic. After he talked to our waitress, he came back and said he'd take the (6 dollar) veggie maki off the bill... oh boy. Free fish! nobody can turn down free fish! Even if it means sitting on the toilet for hours. :-/

So, needless to say, I don't recommend this place to anyone. With the plethora of vegetarian restaurants in center city, why would anyone want to go to Morimoto and pay way too much money for bland food? (although there was an appetizer that had crispy caramelized onions that was really quite tasty, but the majority of our food really was nothing to write home about) Maybe for the chance to see iron chef Morimoto at the sushi bar, but that's really it. For vegetarians at least.

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Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant is most famous for their seafood and sushi, including a tasting menu ranging from $80-120. However, many of the dishes on the menu are vegetarian or can easily be made vegetarian. As a result, this was one of the best meals in my life, with exquisitely prepared dishes, often with counter-intuitive pairings of flavors.

My favorite was the tofu made at the table. The server comes with a clay pot full of soy milk, stirs some mysterious concoction into the mix, and places a heavy lid on it. When they return in seventeen minutes, you have fresh tofu. When I ordered it, something in the air was wrong -- it didn't firm up correctly. So they brought out another dish that the psychic waiter had prepared in the back, just in case of failure. Instead of hampering the experience, this just made me feel like I was eating something risky.

The decor is also a futuristic and organic theme, with color-shifting lights and background electronica and wavey curved lines.

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